Explorer’s London Dry Gin


Explorer’s Gin pays tribute to the explorers of the ‘Golden Era’, who navigated uncharted waters and to today’s explorers in all fields who continue to push the boundaries. Explorer’s Gin is our first released gin, capturing the ‘Spirit of Adventure.’

Citrus and floral fragrances with warming undertones of pepper. Close your eyes and let your palate explore the subtle flavours, as Explorer’s Gin enriches your senses. It will leave you wanting more.

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Explorer’s Gin will cloud when you add both ice and tonic water. Alcohol naturally expands and contracts with temperature and this in turn impacts oils that are held in suspension within the gin. Chill filtration is a process where the oils are taken out; we choose not to chill filtrate this means that it keeps a fuller flavour and aroma. It is these oils which give ‘Explorer’s Gin’ it’s unique characteristics.

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700 ml